Pimax just hit 2 000 000$ Funding on Kickstarter

Pimax, a Chinese VR HMD producer and developer just hit the 2 Million Dollar mark on their Kickstarter for their 8K VR HMD. With around 3150 people who backed them, they surpassed their initial goal of 200 000$ by 10x! This is a huge success for the company and also for their backers, which will get a
100$ discount on a future wireless module as they just hit their stretch goal. Former strech goals already include a PSVR style headstrap with headphones, a 2nd face padding for the headset, a cooling unit for your forehead which attaches to the new strap and a prescription frame for glass wearers.

Source: Picture from their KS

They will even announce a new strechgoal soon! If you want more information click on my initial report and summary of their Kickstarter.

Go to here if you want to back them now and profit from their strechgoals, since after the Kickstarter is over (12 days) you wont get them !