Gametrix Jetseat KW-908 Review and first Impressions

For all ya simulator players out there, be it flying or driving, there is a revolution coming to your play seat! The Gametrix Jetseat KW-908 (175€) is a ForceFeedback device which is connected to your PC via USB or Aux. But what´s so "revolutionary" about this gaming mat ? It´s literally letting you feel the ground your driving on, the air your passing through or the bullets and missiles you shot at your enemies! Now you may say that you already have that sweet buttkicker and don´t need such a thing. And maybe that´s true. But at least for me it´s adding a whole new type of experience to my already good simulator´s. But first things first. Let´s take a look at the device and talk about my first impressions.

The Device

The Gametrix Jeatseat uses 8 vibro-motors. 4 on the legs and 4 on the back. It´s made of pleather and has a tribal pattern on the front.

The package contains:

Setup of the Jetseat

After taking it out of the package (it´s packed quiet nicely) I noticed that the pleather has a very soft feeling and that the cable is long enough to reach to the back of my PC which is of course very important. The pleather has a very light smell to it but that didn´t bother me too much. After plugging in the power-supply and the USB connection i placed the mat onto my chair and tied it down with the inbuilt strap system. You need a fairly large office chair with a big backrest or otherwise you will end up with some of the mat not on the chair. But i cant imagine that this would be a big problem as you are always able to just lift it up a bit. That´s it for the physical part. Now onto software. I quickly downloaded the drivers which are necessary and downloaded some other tools: SimShaker for Aviation (free) and SimShaker Wings (20€). These tools are needed to give you the best possible ForceFeedback effect in Digital Combat Simulator and Warthunder, two of my favorite games. They take information like speed, AoA and even suppression of the driveterain out of the game and convert it into a soundfile which is send it over to the Jetseat by USB.

First Impressions

After I did the setup it was time for a test run in DCS. I opened SimShaker for Aviation and it automatically recognized my Mirage 2000C module. As I started the engine I could feel the rumble that it produced and closing the canopy was indicated through a short vibration. It give´s you different effects in different zones. For example: If you role over the taxiing ways you can feel each individual concrete plate in your butt, while still feeling the engine shake on your hips. You don´t just have left and right, you have 6 different zones (the butt and leg motors are a combined zone). I really like the way of how it feels. It´s not too obvious but if you turn it off you really start to miss it. Shooting the big guns feels just amazing. Your whole back vibrates. It´s a really fine device that is for sure. It feels great, it´s comfortable when you sit on it and it gives you more presence which is super important, even more so if you play VR (like I do :)


This seat is most definitely worth the price! But just because there are some guys like Andre who write tools like Simshaker. Without those tools I couldn´t recommend this seat because if you use the Aux input there wont be any regional effect. But that´s the main selling point of this unit. This gives you such a big boost in resolution over a buttkicker that this is the main reason for me to recommend this over a buttkicker setup. If you already got a buttkicker setup you can even use SimShaker Wings to power it as well and give yourself some better effects than just the plain sound output from you game! And by the way, this seat is also way quieter than any buttkicker I"ve ever heard! It´s in fact not even close as loud as a buttkicker. I really like it and do recommend it! It´s a great device for simming :)